Upcoming Events
2nd-6th  National Baptist Convention
 New Orleans, LA
8th  Women's Day
 Sun, 9:30AM
 Sister Alice Marie Johnson will be the guest speaker
28th  Jackson District Deaconess Prayer Brunch
 Sat, 9:00AM
29th  Jackson District Women of Faith
 Sun, 2:00PM
6th  Jackson District Deaconess/Mother, Widows Unit
 Presidential Address (Sister Julia Crockett)
 Sun, 3:00PM
19th  Nebofest
 Sat, 8:00AM
21st-24th  Jackson District Semi-Annual Session
 Thurs, 6:00PM
24th  Greater Zion Travelers Fall Revival
 Thurs, 7:30PM
 Pastor Wicks will be the guest speaker
31st  Trunk or Treat
 Thurs, 6:00PM